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Important English Grammer Basic (grammatical terms and Nouns ) 2021 PDF Download

Chapter 1 English Grammer A few grammatical terms and what they mean Sentence:A sentence is a group of words, which makes complete sense. A sentence has two parts. Subject and predicate. Subject:The person, thing, or idea that performs the action in the verb (do-er of the verb) or shows the beingness in the verb (be-er […]

Important Preposition Study Notes
English Grammer English Pdf/eBooks

Important Preposition Study Notes Part -2

Verbs with fixed Preposition Verb Preposition account for accuse (someone) of adapt to add to adjust to agree on (something) agree to (something) agree with (someone) apologize for (something) apologize to (someone) apply for approve of argue with (someone) argue about (something) arrive at ask for become of believe in belong to blame (someone) for […]